Ladies Wrapper Pattern, circa 1855-1865

Ladies Wrapper Pattern, circa 1855-1865
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  • Item #: P-KF611
  • Manufacturer: KayFig

Extant wrappers range in design and material from conservative to lavishly extrovert and colorful. Some wrappers were made from exactly the same fabrics as regular dresses, cut like a dress in the back and sides. With the help of a belt such wrappers could be made to look just like a regular dress. Others were made from paisleys and other "loud" fabrics, with a bold contrasting panel or trim in the front, or with a cut that was loose all the way around; these cannot be made to look like regular dresses.

The original wrappers on which this pattern is based were cut in the back as a regular dress and only the loose front panel mark them as wrappers. This kind of "wrapper dress" was extremely popular for a long time and can be found in styles that date them from 1830-1900.

The pattern is sized using the size chart established by Dancing Leaf Designs.

  • Size: 8-18
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