Ladies' low or ballgown bodice pattern, circa 1855-1867

Ladies' low or ballgown bodice pattern,  circa 1855-1867
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Just as today, in the 1860's not everyone attended formal events regularly; actually, depending on the socio-economic background, many people never attended any balls, dinner parties or similar events. But if we portray a fashionable person of upper or upper middle class or one aspiring to such, we will need to know, what we should wear. The rule of thumb is: The more formal the event, the more skin is shown.

Enclosed is a basic bodice pattern, published as a full size pattern in 1862, from which you can create a variety of ball gown bodices. Just as the original, this pattern includes 3 waist and 2 neckline variations. We leave the trim decisions up to you.

Look through period magazines such as Godey's, Peterson's, or other period fashion publications for trim inspirations or choose sleeve and other trim variations from the KayFig Line as well.

Individual sizes are based on real people and not a porportional scale. The two images on the right are taken of this gown made in size 24 (that never fits a dress form properly - sorry!)

The pattern is sized using the size chart established by Dancing Leaf Designs.
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