Ladies Paletot Pattern, circa 1860-1867

Ladies Paletot Pattern,  circa 1860-1867
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Paletots of many interesting designs can be found in mid 19th century fashion magazines. The term was used for men's and women's garments. For men there was a "body paletot", or an over coat version; for women or children, the term always describes some kind of overcoat or jacket. While the actual designs can differ greatly, it becomes apparent that a paletot describes a garment that is lightly or half-fitted to the figure, does never have a seam at the waist in the front, and very rarely in the back, is buttoned, and has a simple coat sleeve. They are also frequently unlined. These observations are valid for men's or women's paletots.

Individual sizes are based on real people and not a porportional scale. The pattern is sized using the size chart established by Dancing Leaf Designs: S=8-12, M=12-16, L=16-20, XL=20-24, XXL=24-28.

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