Fitted Shirt Pattern, ca 1840-1870

Fitted Shirt Pattern, ca 1840-1870
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Fitted Shirt with Attached Collar and Set-In Sleeves. $10.00(US funds)

Around 1840 men's dress coats were tailored closer to the body by the addition of a separately cut and formed underarm piece. The fitted shirt with set -in sleeves had less bulk than traditional square cut shirts with a dropped shoulder and would have been more comfortable under the new fashionably cut coat.

Historical notes are included as well as instructions for making a cravat and tying a Gordian knot.

The suggested fabrics are: White cotton sheeting for the body and a fine white linen for the cuffs and plaited front. You may also make the body of the shirt of a printed cotton and the collar, cuffs and plaited front of white cotton or linen.

If making the shirt using white cotton, order three 3/8" white utility four-hole China reproduction buttons for the shirt and two 3/8" four-hole fresh water pearl buttons for the collar and front. If using a calico fabric, consider purchasing matching calico buttons. All buttons described can be ordered from

Body of white or printed cotton: Chest sizes 34-36 require 3 Yds. of 45 inch wide fabric; chest sizes 38-40 require3-1/8 Yds.; chest sizes 42-50 require 3-3/4 Yds.; and chest sizes 52-54 require 4-1/8 Yds. White linen for plaited front and cuffs: 5/8 Yd. for all sizes.

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