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  • Item #: P-FL104
  • Manufacturer: FigLeaf
Apron 1740-1790. Not all aprons are just square or rectangular pieces of fabric whipped to a waistband. This sewing pattern was drafted from an original apron found in a private collection. It is unusual in that it has wedge shaped pieces at the edges which suggest that it was made to fit a shaped waist of the 18th Century and still hang evenly at the hem.
While nothing is known about its original owner, the apron was found in the late 1970s in a Bucks County, PA antique store and purchased for $5.00. It was given to its current owner as a gift.

This apron is designed to be worn over a gown, or jacket and petticoat. The apron strings allows the wear to adjust the fit of the garment.

The original apron is made from a very light weight sheer fabric, most likely cotton. The apron tape is a plain weave and appears to be linen.
Any light weight fabric which would allow the fineness of gathering would be appropriate. The original is white but aprons come in a variety of plain, woven and printed textiles.
The original fabric is 56” wide. The full width of the textile was used and the selvedges were turned back and stitched. One may need to piece the apron to achieve the original full width.
While one may cut the fabric on the cross grain, the gathers may be more bouncy and not lay flat nicely.
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