Gent's ties, Stripes and Checks

Gent's ties, Stripes and Checks
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  • Item #: Gent934a
  • Manufacturer: ObK

We found full size patterns for Gent's pre-tied ties published in 1867, they are in the styles popular in the mid 19th century and suitable for Civil War reenactments.

White LINEN ties are the most formal and should be worn with white vests for balls and similarly formal events.

Black SILK ties are suitable for military and clergy.

Colored SILK are suitable for every-day wear.

The ties are closed with a hook and eye, and can be adjusted to be about 1.5" smaller without any alterations. They can always be made smaller, but it would need new eyelets.

Please do not hold back or ordering "back ordered" ties - we will send those within a week.....

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