Fine Breakfast Cap, 1862

Fine Breakfast Cap, 1862
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  • Item #: MILL940
  • Manufacturer: ObK

Ribbon Trimmed Breakfast Cap, made from an 1862 pattern lavishly trimmed with silk ribbon tucked into the fine cotton embroidery in the front, and long ribbon lappets on the sides.  The cap was made from a full size paper pattern published in 1862, it is made of fine Swiss 100% cotton organdy  and delicate cotton embroidery lace.

Breakfast caps were almost only worn by married women.

The design on this cap includes a "Mary Stuart" point, and the best haairstyle for it wwoould include rolled back front sections, the back in a simple bun - or if the hair is short - the cap hides that.

  • Color: white, lavender
  • Period: from 1862 pattern
  • Size: one size
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