Convertible Silk Dress, 31" waist

Convertible Silk Dress, 31" waist
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  • Item #: XETDRE1
  • Manufacturer: ObK

A dramatic convertible ensemble consisting of a dress with a low bodice, removable pagoda sleeves, removable berthe collar, and pelerine. 

The trim is made of solid and plaid ribbon, attached with bead fringe.  It is on two sections of the skirt and on the large pagoda sleeves.  The berthe collar with its gold and black trim adds a very dramatic note to the evening version of the gown.  For day it is worn with the matching pelerine.

The gown should be worn with underleeves: short for evening, long for day or dinner.

This gown has not been worn but has been exhibited. It is in as new condition.

Sold AS IS.

  • Color: purple, raspberry pink, black, gold
  • Fiber Content: purple silk, acetate ribbon
  • included are: tucker, pelerine, pagoda sleeves, berthe
  • Skirt Length (CF): 44 inches
  • Waist Size: 31 inches
  • Weave: taffeta
  • Bust: up to 41 inches
  • Neckline of: low bodice: 49 inches
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