Black Wool Riding Habit - KY005RH

Black Wool Riding Habit - KY005RH
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  • Item #: KY005RH
  • Manufacturer: MorganAside

Black Riding Habit in black. 100% Wool. The jacket is made from an original 1855 pattern (jacket body only). The jacket body is lined in cotton while the sleeves are lined in silk. The sleeves are made from an early 1860s pattern. The skirt is a straight yardage skirt which means it has no train, it is one length all the way around. The skirt is faced with brown cotton. The skirt is pleated in the front, gauged in the back and attached to the waistband by hand. This riding habit should be worn with a white body or a habit shirt/chemisette and undersleeves. 


Bust: 44"

Waist: 38.5"

Center Front (Jacket): 21.25"

Center Back (Jacket): 23"

Sleeve Seam: 15"

Skirt Length: 53.5"


The riding habit is photographed on a mannequin with a 46" bust. 


Suitable for 1855 - 1865. 


Notes: The skirt opens at the left hip which has a wider seam so that it could be modified into a safety skirt by opening the seam up and adding velcro. The left seam is sewn with a longer stitch length. 

  • Fiber Content: Main Body: 100% Wool, Linings: 100% Cotton & 100% Silk
  • Waist Size: 38.5"
  • Bust: 44"
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