Blue Summer Dress, 37" waist

Blue Summer Dress, 37" waist
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  • Item #: DRE51S2
  • Manufacturer: ObK

An elegant lightweight summer dress in the style of the Civil war era.  This dress has a low neckline, which makes it perfect for evening activities, dances, and the like, or when worn with a fichu to make it "high" also for daywear. (Fichu not included)

Sheer dresses were extremely popular in the 1840-60's, as an elegant way to keep cool in hotter weather. Considering how uncomfortable summertime reenactments can be, it is surprising that more reenactors do not wear them.

This versatile summer dress can be dressed up with a nice belt.  The bodice is gathered, the skirt is handgauged onto the waistband, the sleeves are gathered into an ope cuff (a design copied from an 1864 pattern).  Undersleeves are not needed.

  • Color: blue, white, pink
  • Fiber Content: sheer lightweight cotton grenadine (an open weave)
  • Skirt Length (CF): 41" (could be shortened)
  • Waist Size: up to 37 inches
  • Bust: up to 45 inches
  • Neckline of: 41" (somewhat adjustable)
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