White Printed Cotton Grenadine dress, PETITE, 26" waist

White Printed Cotton Grenadine dress, PETITE, 26" waist
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  • Item #: DRE51s4
  • Manufacturer: ObK

A pretty summer dress in the style of the Civil war era.  Dresses of this style are particularly suitaable for ladies for summer or parties, and also for evening dances. 

Sheer dresses were extremely popular in the 1840-60's, as an elegant way to keep cool in hotter weather. Considering how uncomfortable summertime reenactments can be, it is surprising that more reenactors do not wear them.

This classical summer dress is made from hand block printed cotton organdy.  The sleeves are 3/4 long and cuffed.  The skirt is finely hand-gauged.  Grenadine is a leno weave gauze, not floppy or soft, but springy, starched.

Hand block printing has irregularities that add to the charm of that fabric.

  • Color: white, multi
  • Fiber Content: cotton
  • Skirt Length (CF): 40"
  • Waist Size: 26" waist
  • Bust: up to.35 inches
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