Full Dress Cap, 1860 pattern

Full Dress Cap, 1860 pattern
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  • Item #: MILL907
  • Manufacturer: ObK

Full dress caps are suitable to be worn with formal dress, as well as for evenings and balls.  The color combination of this cap makes it further suitable for second or lesser mourning, but not exclusively so.

Full Dress Cap, made from an 1860 pattern with new materials: dress caps were almost only worn by married women.

In 1860, the hairstyle worn with such a cap would be flat on top with wide side curls or rolls.  Dress caps are worn with fully dressed hair styles.  This cao fits on the back of the head with a small high bun.

  • Color: black, lavender, lilac
  • Period: from 1860 pattern
  • Size: adult
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