Der Bazar, Berlin, 1857

Der Bazar, Berlin, 1857
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Western fashion in the 19th century origined in Europe.  European fashion magazines were published all over the continent in all local languages.  This publication comes from Germany, it was published in Berlin in German.

European publications like this one were of a larger size and had superior quality images compared to many American ones.  The images are more detailed as are the instructions for the various featured projects.

This is a bound edition of Der Bazar from 1857 containing all the issues, but no color plates nor pattern sheets.  It appears to be complete otherwise.  It contains black and white fashion prints and many work projects with detailed instructions.  There is music and schematics for dancing.

The binding is fairly sound but misses its back, it is damaged on one side, there is foixing on most pages.

The year is 1857.

  • Date: 1857
  • Size: 14"*11"*1.5"
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