Textiles for Early Victorian Clothing by Greene

Textiles for Early Victorian Clothing by Greene
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Textiles for Early Victorian Clothing; 1850-1880 by Susan W. Greene

 _Textiles for Early Victorian Clothing:1850-1880_ is the third in the series of hands on information about textiles used in historic fashions. This edition has 3" swatches of 27 fabrics including bobbinet, bombazine, cashmere, taffeta, tulle, delaine, damasse, brocade, and more.

Excellent resource for bringing period textile names to life for historians, reenactors, educators, and students of all ages.

Special sections on fashions by decade and printed textiles.

This book is out of print and sells on Amazon for $299-$700!!!

  • ISBN: 0-9658197-8-7
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